Motor Run Capacitor 14uF Microfarad White Wires 240v-475v pf Unipolare


Motor Run Capacitor 14uF Microfarad

Dimensions: Plastic case size 70mm x 36mm diameter.

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Motor Run Capacitor 14uF Microfarad


Does your electrical motor buzz or hum, it probably needs a new capacitor, installing a new capacitor normally takes just minutes to change

Motor Run Capacitors can be found in most modern day electrical motors which can be found in washing machines, microwaves, tumble dryers, shower pumps, jet wash machines, heating pumps and more.

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We sell the motor run capacitors listed below,

1uF 1.5uF 2uF 2.5uF 3uF 4uF 5uF 6uF 7uF 8uF 10uF 12uF 14uF 15uF 16uF 20uF 25uF 30uF 35uF 40uF 45uF 50uF 60uF 65uF 70uF 80uF 100uF Microfarad

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