Buy Hot Tub Capacitors 240 volt pf


Hot Tub Capacitors

If your not sure what to buy, email a picture of your existing capacitor.

If your not sure do not order, email for help

Buy Hot Tub Capacitors 240 volt pf

Hot tub capacitors ensure that your hot tub motor runs safely and efficiently. Has your hot tub stopped working? Are you hearing a strange buzz or hum when the motor is running? If so, it may be time to replace your capacitor. Running your tub when the capacitors aren’t functioning properly could create a dangerous situation.

Capacitor shop has the replacement parts that you need. Whether your sauna won’t start up or it only operates on certain speeds, we have an affordable and reliable solution for you. Don’t let a broken capacitor ruin your steamy weekends!

Quality Hot Tub Capacitors

At Capacitor Shop, we sell high quality, built-to-last capacitors. We also stock all sizes, so you can rest assured that you will find the correct replacement part every time. While we carry various brands, we are committed to selling Ducati products, mainly because they are of the most reliable and long-lasting hot tub motor capacitors.

We carry the following:

1uF, 1.5uF, 2uF, 2.5uF, 3uF, 4uF, 5uF, 6uF, 7uF, 8uF, 10uF, 12uF, 14uF, 15uF, 16uF, 20uF, 25uF, 30uF, 35uF, 40uF, 45uF, 50uF, 60uF, 65uF, 70uF, 80uF and 100uF Microfarad


Although we cannot offer technical advice on the hot tub capacitors that we carry, we can take a look at what you need replaced. Send us a photo of your component via email and we will ensure that you get the right part. Purchasing the wrong capacitor can damage your motor and cause your hot tub to malfunction or overheat.

Fast Delivery

We know how important it is to have equipment that works. That is why we offer next-day delivery any time that we have the capacitor that you are looking for in stock. Capacitors and other products ordered before 4pm are eligible for next day delivery. Should you order on a Friday, we do charge a small fee for Saturday delivery.

Order Today

Place your order today to get the replacement part needed to fix your Jacuzzi or hot tub motor. Most of the items that we carry are always kept in stock. Additionally, we can place special orders for parts that we may not have. These come directly from the manufacturer, though, so delivery on such hot tub capacitors may take longer.

To discuss stock availability and delivery times, call us between 9 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday. To learn more about our products, Click Here.

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Buy Hot Tub Capacitors 240 volt pfBuy Hot Tub Capacitors 240 volt pf
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