Details For Ducati Motor Run Capacitors

Details For Ducati Motor Run Capacitors

Motor Run & Start AC Capacitors

Electric motor capacitors are used for start and run, they are available in:Details For Ducati Motor Run Capacitors

Plastic case (Safety protection class P0 and P2)

– Metallized polypropylene film capacitors in plastic case series 4.16.18/.10/.17/.20.87

Metallic case (P2)

– Metallized polypropylene film capacitors in metallic case series 4.16.27/.25/.33/.26

The dielectric is polypropylene film, the electrodes consist of an extremely thin metal coating obtained by vacuum evaporation.

The case and cover are made with self-extinguishing plastic material, the capacitive element is sealed with polyurethane resin.

– The main characteristics of the capacitors are:

– Low losses non-inductive winding

– Self-healing property avoiding short circuits

– Small size and limited weight

– No leakage risk

– Class of safety protection :P0

Details About Ducati Motor Run Capacitors

Your Guarantee of Quality with Ducati Capacitors

The great attention to the product quality and to the customer service are constants in Ducati’s history, and these are the main factors that contribute to its success all over the world. Ducati has always been one of the first companies in its field to adopt the most modern standards and procedures in order to assure the highest level of quailty and reliability of its products.

Quality System – Ducati Energia Spa, capacitor division has been one of the first in Italy to be approved by CSQ / ISO 9001 (Certificate 9170 DUC 2)

All processes are guaranteed and fully automated based on accurate specifications and on responsible operation of the product, and are certified according to the new European EN 60252-1 Standard.

All capacitors produced since June 2005 have been manufactured in compliance with the 2002/95/EC directive (known as the RoHS directive)

Please Note: Warning!

Misapplication – such as exceeding the limits of use, different from those indicted or inappropriate for the characteristic of the type of capacitor used may result in failure of the capacitor of expulsion of the element from inside the case.

Normal end of life failure is termed end of capacitance increase in dissipation factor and or/ permanent open circuit. The user is therefore cautioned to provide whatever additional protection or enclosure is necessary to avoid possible damage or injury in case of failure.

The Capacitor Shop & DUCATI energy SpA disclaims any responsibility for damages to things and people originated by an improper use of products.

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