Ducati Capacitor History

Ducati Capacitor History


Antonio Ducati and his three sons Bruno, Marcello and Adriano founded the Society of scientific and radio components in Bologna to produce vacuum tubes, condensers and other radio Ducati Historycomponents.


The family has become successful enough to enable construction of a new factory situated in the Borga Panigale are of Bologna. Throughout WWII production was continued despite heavy bombing of the factory by Allied aircraft.


Almost a month after the liberation of Italy a small Turinese factory SIATA announced its intention to start selling a small pushrod engine for mounting on bicycles, called the Cucciolo which is Italian for puppy, in reference to the sound its exhaust made. The first Cucciolo’s were available alone or made to be mounted on bicycles, but mostly they were bought by business owners and sold attached to a new bicycles from their own shops.


By 1950 more that 200,000 had been sold in collaboration with SIATA, the Ducati company finally offered its own Cucciolo based motorcycle, With a top speed of 40mph it had a 15mm carburettor giving it just under 200mpg (us) Ducati called the models 55M and 65TL.


In early 1952 Ducati introduced the Cruiser which was a four stroke motor scooter at that years motor show. However it was not a great success and only a few thousand were made over a two year period before it ceased production.

Ducati Motor Run Capacitor History


The Ducati management split, taking the company down two separate paths, Ducati Mechanical and Ducati Electronics (which later became Ducati Energia SpA in the 1980’s


VW GROUP – AUDI announced its intention to buy Ducati for 860 million euro’s (US 1.2 Billion dollars)

Ownership since 1926

1926-50 Ducati Family

1950-1967 Government Institute Control

1953 Ducati Mechanical – Ducati Electrical (split)

1967-1978 Government Management Control

1967-1973 Head – Giuseppe Montano

1973-1978 Head – Cristiano de Eccher

1978-1985 VM Group

1985-1996 Cagiva Group

1996-2005 Texas Pacific Group

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