Stuart Turner Capacitor 5uF MFD 240v pf Shower Pump Capacitor


Dimensions: 55mm X 28mm Plastic Case Diameter – Tab width 6mm wide

Type: 416.10.08

Replaces the ICAR Ecofill Capacitor Used In Stuart Turner Pumps.

Buy the best motor run capacitors money can buy.

If your not sure what to buy, email a picture of your existing capacitor.

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Monsoon Capacitor fits Stuart Turner 5uF MFD 240v pf


Need A Stuart Turner Capacitor 5uF 240v does your Stuart Turner shower pump make a humming or buzzing noise? buy a new capacitor to fix it.

Does your Stuart Turner shower pump make a humming or buzzing noise or fails to switch on?

Do you have to turn on another tap or place your shower hose at the bottom of your bath or shower to start your shower pump?

The most probable cause is that the Stuart Turner capacitor has failed and needs replacing.

To replace the capacitor is a simple job which most experienced, diy-ers or practical persons could do in a matter of 10 minutes. Our capacitors for Stuart Turner shower pumps are heavy duty, long lasting and high quality. Please do not install cheap, inferior chinese import parts as you will be back to square one with your shower pump problem.

Heavy Duty – Long Lasting – High Quality

There are many capacitors out there online, many are cheap imports, imported from china. What many diy-ers do time and time again is fit fluorescent light bulb capacitors, these are not heavy duty and for light bulbs only.

You must install the right capacitor for the job, we only sell heavy duty, long lasting capacitors which are superior quality.

Most shower pumps range from £100 upwards and will last many years if the correct parts are fitted.

Don’t waste your valuable time installing the wrong parts or you will be forever carrying out work on your shower pump.

These Motor Run Capacitors will fit obsolete or discontinued Stuart Turner shower pumps

Buy Now a Stuart Turner Capacitor 5uF for your Stuart Turner Shower Pump


Please Note! Please make sure you order the correct parts, if you are unsure, please email us for help. We do not accept correctly supplied electrical goods for return, refund or exchange. A Stuart Turner Capacitor is tested before dispatch and cannot be accepted back for refunds.

Buy Stuart Turner Capacitor Stuart Turner 5uF MFD 240v pf

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