12.5uF Motor Run Capacitor Tag Spade 240v-475v


12.5uF Motor Run Capacitor Tag Spade 240v-475v Ducati

Dimensions: Length 70mm x 36mm Diameter (plastic case dimension)

Type: Ducati 12.5uF tag spade 475V

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12.5uF Motor Run Capacitors Tag Spade 240v-475v AV/DUCATI

Does your motor make a buzzing or a humming sound or won’t start?

It most probably needs a new motor run capacitor, which are easily replaced on most modern motors or appliances.

Motor Run Capacitors can be found in most modern day electrical motors which can be found in washing machines, microwaves, tumble dryers, shower pumps, jet wash machines, heating pumps and more.

Motor Run Capacitors 12.5uF

One way to tell if your capacitor has gone if you don’t have electrical testing equipment is by doing a visual check. A blown capacitor will normally bulge out of shape and sometimes burst open, sometimes it will not show any signs of distortion.

The best way to check is to buy a cheap capacitor tester and test the capacitor itself, if the capacitor is for example 5uF the reading must be plus or minus 5% of what uF reading the capacitor is.

If the reading is a lot lower than 5% it means the capacitor is worn or about to fail so best to buy a new one.

We sell high quality, heavy duty, long lasting capacitors, don’t be tempted to buy a cheap import capacitor  or just any old cheap capacitor as they don’t last.

Quality Motor Run Capacitors 12.5uF

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